Canary Islands News Roundup March 2017

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Mount Teide with snow on the summit
Spain’s highest peak, Mount Teide, is sometimes snow-capped during the Winter months.
Mount Teide Cable Car

Some 70 people were trapped in the Mount Teide Cable Car in Tenerife on the 15th of March because of a problem with the emergency braking system. A huge rescue operation involving 6 rescue helicopters ensued in order to get the trapped tourists to safety. A further 100 people were stranded at the upper cable car station, and had to stay at the mountain refuge overnight before being brought down the following morning. The cable car resumed service at the end of the month following an investigation into the causes of the malfunction.

Star Wars in Fuerteventura

After months of speculation, it was officially confirmed that the new Star Wars spin-off movie, Han Solo, would be filmed on the Jandia Peninsula in Southern Fuerteventura. The base camp is already up-and-running and it is expected that 350 local extras will be needed as well as the 250 cast and crew that will be arriving on the island for the project. It is thought that the filming will be worth 13 – 17 million euros to the island’s economy.

Extreme Weather

Following a heatwave earlier in the month that saw temperatures rise into the 30s (°C), the weekend of the 18th of March saw hail in Lanzarote, snow in Tenerife and Gran Canaria (in the high mountains) and flooding in Fuerteventura.

Police break-up Electronics Shops Fraud in Gran Canaria

National Police have broken up a gang running Electronics Shops in the South of Gran Canaria that targetted elderly tourists and swindled them out of at least €400,000. The shops charged customer’s credit cards twice using the excuse that there was a problem with the credit card machine.

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