Canary Islands News Roundup August 2017

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Smoking British Cargo Ship off Gran Canaria

A British-registered cargo ship, the MV Cheshire, containing 40,000 tonnes of an ammonium nitrate-based fertilizer had to be abandoned by its crew, when its cargo began to decompose, producing a huge column of toxic smoke. The crew were airlifted to safety on the 14th and the vessel continued to drift for a week before a salvage crew could get a tow line in place. At one stage, there was a three mile exclusion zone because of the risk of explosion. By the 28th, the owners of the ship, Bibby Line Limited, had confirmed that the vessel was no longer emitting smoke and that the temperatures inside the hold had started to drop. It is hoped that the vessel can be towed to port once the temperature has dropped sufficiently and the structural integrity can be inspected.

Sea Sawdust Bloom

The continued blooms of Trichodesmium erythraeum that have appeared around the coasts of the Canary Islands, and especially Tenerife, have fuelled an almost continuous debate all month. While it is agreed that these cyanobacteria blooms are caused by warming sea temperatures, calm sea conditions and persistent Calimas, there has been great debate about whether untreated sewage outfalls are a contributory factor. The government has repeatedly stated that the only risk to public health associated with the blooms is a possibility of skin irritation or dermatitis, and that the scares being circulated on social media are false. The authorities have advised bathers to use common sense and simply avoid swimming in the areas where they can see the Sea Sawdust Blooms. The situation shows no signs of abating, and by month’s end blooms had also appeared around much of Gran Canaria’s coast.

Murder in Broad Daylight

A 34 year-old Man was gunned down in broad daylight on Calle Córdoba in Las Palmas on Tuesday the 29th of August. The victim, Lionel Carrillo, was on temporary release from prison, and had several drug-related convictions. Witnesses stated that the victim had argued with the presumed attacker moments earlier, before the attacker reappeared with a gun. The victim was shot four times, and was killed instantly. The attacker then jumped into a car with two others already inside and escaped at high speed. A bus driver was also injured when a stray bullet hit the number 12 bus, though his injuries are not serious.

Woman killed by her partner

A 38 year-old woman was found dead in her home in Santa Cruz on Saturday the 5th of August. Her presumed killer, a 39 year-old man, whom she lived with, has been detained. Her body displayed signs of beating. There had been no previous Denuncias made relating to domestic violence.

The Most Exclusive Area in The Canary Islands

A study by Idealista has revealed that Calle Alcojora in Tenerife’s Costa Adeje is the most expensive residential area in the Canary Islands. Properties in the urbanisation, which is surrounded by Golf Courses, command an average price of €1,345,500. The most expensive area in Spain is La Zagaleta in Benahavís, on the Costa del Sol, where the average price is 5.6 million euros.

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